Fire breaks out at Brooklyn church on Easter Sunday; 6 injured

A fire broke out on the first floor of a church in Brooklyn on Easter Sunday, leaving six people with injuries, the FDNY said.

The fire happened at Our Lady of the Rosary Pompeii on Seigel Street in East Williamsburg, where at least 150 worshipers were gathered at the time. 

Father Romulo Marin saw the fire creeping mid-service. He said he tried to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but that's when the ceiling began to crumble from the fire. 

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Marin said he knew he had to get out. A piece of the burning ceiling fell on his head and hand. The fire had spread from the first floor, burning a hole into the second floor, causing a firefighter to fall through. A mayday was issued.

All firefighters were removed from the inside, transitioning to attacking the fire from the outside. 

A total of six people were injured, including three firefighters. All injuries were minor.

It's unclear at the time what caused the fire.