Brooklyn Bread Lab's fresh, hearty breads

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In recent years bread has gotten a bad rap with carb free this and that. But the bread made at Brooklyn Bread Lab in Williamsburg can actually be good for you. They make the flour directly from the wheat berry.

Adan Leonti is the chef at the Brooklyn Bread Lab in Williamsburg. It is an appropriate name considering the sourdough bread is not only made here. The flour is freshly milled by their very own 10,000-pound stone mill, the largest in New York City.

The bread is a little heavier that's because it has more nutrients. It's also more filling and tastes really good, too.

Registered dietician Lisa Mosokovitz is a registered dietician. What makes this bread healthier is that unlike white flour, this flour is teeming with nutrients. The bread is also easier to digest for those who may have trouble with gluten. It's also far from your typical wheat bread

While freshly milled bread may be new to us, it's actually more of a delicious comeback.