Bronx to get ACC shelter with pet adoptions, vet care

Animal Care Centers of New York City has three full-service shelters—and they're packed and outdated. But relief is on the way. City Hall announced it will spend $60 million to build a new facility in the Bronx on Bartow Avenue and do a $27 million upgrade of the current outdated facility on Linden Boulevard in Brooklyn.

ACC President and CEO Risa Weinstock said the improvements are long overdue and these projects will change animal welfare in the city.

The Bronx doesn't have an ACC facility that offers adoption or vet care. The new site will have room for 70 dogs, 140 cats, 30 rabbits, and 20 other animals. In addition to adoption, it will offer vet services for the community and other resources.

The new Bronx facility is still a ways away from becoming a reality. It should open sometime in 2024.