11 arrested in massive $4M Bronx fentanyl bust

11 people have been arrested after the NYPD says it seized about 400,000 packages believed to contain fentanyl from an alleged active drug packaging mill in the Bronx, worth around $4 million on the streets.

The suspects face several charges including criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Officials arrested the individuals at 1244 Grand Concourse in the Concourse section. 

During the investigation, surveillance video from the members of NYDETF Group T-22 saw approximately 10 individuals going in and out of the apartment carrying bags and moving a glass-top table, chairs, and other equipment.

"Not only is exposure to lethal drugs a risk to innocent residents when a half million small packages of lethal drugs are bagged in a neighboring apartment, but their security may be compromised as well," Brennan said. 

Officials were called to the scene on Wednesday, November 1, around 11 a.m. when they saw individual one, Aremedis Rivera enter, followed by individual two Juan Rivera a few hours later.

Just before 5 p.m., Aremedis Rivera allegedly exited the building carrying two large reusable shopping bags. 

He then climbed into a car, traveled seven blocks, and exited the car in the vicinity of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. Officials then stopped him and took the bags he was carrying.

Within the hour, officials then saw individual three, Heriberto Rivera walk out, followed by the fourth individual, Luis Ledesma. 

Both Rivera and Ledesma were allegedly among those previously seen entering and exiting the location. 

Shortly after, a tenant in the building came outside yelling about men attempting to enter his room. 

Then members of the NYDETF Group T-22 ran into the building and apprehended yet another individual, John Reyes, in the lobby. 

As the individuals of the investigation were running away, agents and officers entered the apartment and froze the location. 

Agents and officers apprehended Oscar Taveras, Juan Rivera, and Miguel Delacruz on the roof. 

Ivan Carlos-Serrano, Juan Albert Serrano, Kelvin Ledesima, and Richard Manuel-Rivera were found hiding together under solar panels on the roof. 

Around 11:15 p.m., agents and officers searched through the bags Aremedis Rivera seized. The bags contained approximately 100,000 glassine envelopes containing fentanyl/heroin, packaged into brick-shaped squares, wrapped in magazine paper.

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Members of NYDETF Group T-22 also conducted a search of the apartment. 

"Dismantling this operation and preventing these deadly drugs from reaching the streets and neighborhoods of New York is our latest success in advancing that mission," NYPD Commissioner Edward A. Caban said.

Officials recovered hundreds of thousands of glassines containing fentanyl from bags on the couch and the floor inside the living room, and from the top of a glass top table and a second table. 

They also found quantities of loose powdered fentanyl.

Thousands of empty glassine envelopes were found in the apartment, including inside the oven. 

The result of DEA laboratory are pending.

The arraignments are scheduled for Monday afternoon.