Bronx day care death: Two arrested in connection to fatal opioid overdose of 1-year-old boy

Two people are facing multiple charges in connection to an apparent opioid overdose at a Bronx daycare that killed a 1-year-old boy and left three other young children in the hospital.

This comes after four children are suspected to have been exposed to fentanyl and overdosed, 1-year-old Nicholas Dominici did not survive.

The NYPD were first called to Divino Nino Daycare located at 2707 Morris Avenue of Kingsbridge that afternoon.  

According to police, the owner of the business and a tenant living in the same building as the daycare center were taken into custody on Saturday.

36-year-old Grei Mendez, who operates Divino Nino has been charged with murder after tragedy struck inside her Bronx day care center.


2 charged after daycare child dies, others show signs of opioid overdose

The owner of a New York City day care center and a tenant living in the building have been arrested after a 1-year-old boy was killed and three others were sickened by apparent exposure to opioids.

Carlisto Acevedo Brito, her husband's cousin has also been arraigned on similar charges according to the Daily News.

The day care is inside a Bronx apartment building. 

Investigators say Mendez was renting out a home to Brito. 

Police said they recovered approximately one kilogram of fentanyl, along with a press device used to combine the drug with other narcotics, inside the closet of a hallway connected to the apartment. A second press was located inside the adjoining room occupied by Brito, according to a criminal complaint.

Over the weekend, police executed a search warrant. Detectives found one kilo of fentanyl and three kilo presses in what appeared to have been a drug den used to sell the daily opioid. 

Aranda says his client had no idea.

"She rented room to somebody...she didn't know what was going on. She called the cops. Would you call the cops if you know there is fentanyl in your apartment? Of course not," Aranda said. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.