Bronx barber to sports stars

One Bronx barber can call himself part of the New York Giants. Meet the man known for the best cuts in the game: Davey Castillo, the owner of Davey Cuts. When you go to Davey Cuts in the Bronx, you're not just getting any old haircut.

"I like every client, every athlete that sits in my chair to get a special, unique personal look," Castillo said.

New York Giants defensive end Romeo Okwara knows that first hand.

"Getting a custom, not just a haircut, a custom—it kind of fits your personality and the way you carry yourself," Okwara said.

Castillo has established himself as the go-to barber amongst New York's pro athletes.

"Being in New York is the mecca of sports," he said. "Guys are in spotlights, are on cameras all the time and my job is to make sure they're custom and looking great."

He started working with the pros five years ago. His first cut was for Brook Lopez when he was on the Brooklyn Nets.

"It was nerve-wracking because growing up sports has been my passion, always played sports," Castillo said. "I couldn't believe I was going to cut one of the NBA players."

Davey Cuts impressed. And when you see all that goes into getting one of his signature cuts, it is pretty easy to understand why.

"I have to pamper my guys—you know, they got long practice, long games," Castillo said. "They're out there so just when they sit in the chair I want to make sure they get that men's grooming but also spa treatment."

"It feels good every time," Okwara said. "Definitely doing something but it's mostly just relaxing."

Soon after Davey Cuts worked with Lopez, word of mouth took care of the rest. His roster quickly grew across sports.

"They're under a lot of pressure during practice—coaches and everything," Castillo said. "And when they sit in the barber chair, they can just get to be themselves and that's one of the things that I love."

His shop walls, adorned with signed photos of the pros and sports memorabilia, show you just how popular he is.

"We talk everything from sports, life, family, where we want to go in life," Okwara said. "This is his business and football is my business. So we have common ground for us to talk about anything. So I think the relationship with your barber is really important."

Over the four years he's been working the Giants, Davey Cuts grew such a big clientele with the team that he now has a makeshift barbershop inside their facility.

Okwara said taking a shower and then unwinding with a haircut after practice or on game day has become a weekly tradition for many players.

Because sporting a fresh custom on game day can make all the difference.

"As they say, 'Look good, feel good, play good," Okwara said. "So you got to look good on the field."

A motto Davey Cuts lives by.

"Even after a touchdown a defensive sack by Romeo, he takes his helmet off and then you see the cut on TV you so proud—you say, 'Oh my god, that's my haircut right there," Castillo said. "That's actually me that did that, so I take pride on my work."

Nowadays, his work goes beyond New York athletes. He cut Phoenix Suns shooting guard Devin Booker's hair the night before his 70-point game so he is kind of a good-luck charm. He also often makes hotel calls for visiting players.

But Castillo's favorite part is when he kids enter his barber shop and see the pictures on the wall, they are inspired to follow their dreams.