British sperm donor meets couples via Facebook

A man in the United Kingdom says he has donated his sperm to many women, fathering 10 children. He doesn't charge money for his sperm and says he does it out of kindness.

Kenzie Kilpatrick is 26. His intentions seem to be good. Kilpatrick, an openly gay man from England, has met couples through his Facebook page "Drama Free UK Sperm Donors." In the past year, he has donated his sperm to 50 women in the United Kingdom, producing 10 children. He does not charge the women and couples for his sperm donation. He says he does it to help people make families.

Kilpatrick says he decided not to go through a sperm bank or fertility center because he says couples should not have to pay expensive prices to have a baby.

But medical experts say he is actually putting himself and all of the children created with his sperm in danger. Fertility specialist Dr. Joel Batzofin says that woman accepting donated sperm via Facebook or through any unregulated program is extremely risky. He says there is no screening, genetic screening or infectious disease screening.

But Kilpatrick says before each donation he is tested for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. He says his critics have their opinions because they are there to make money.

Those critics say another concern is donating sperm to too many people in too small of a geographical area because those children can potentially grow up with or near each other and could end up dating each other.

Dr. Batzofin says Kilpatrick is also putting himself legal at risk. If a child is born with an abnormality, the couples might come after him in court.