Bride and groom get trapped in elevator before wedding

A bride and groom managed to see the funny side when their elevator suddenly stopped on the way to their wedding ceremony and wouldn't move.

Liz Copeland and Harry Stein were trapped with their bridal party for 30 minutes this weekend before firefighters came to the rescue.

But instead of panicking, the couple posed for selfies and pictures taken by wedding photographers Christy and Adam Kissick of Kissick Weddings.

The couple shared a snap to Twitter.

The bride and groom - as well as more than 20 others, including their wedding planner, parents and rabbi - finally made it to their ceremony in Alexandria, Virginia.

From their honeymoon in Mexico, Liz told INSIDE EDITION: "We tried to have a good attitude about this is and say, 'we were meant to get stuck in this elevator today.'"

You can see more of the photos on the photographers' website here.

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