Brad Pitt talks about 'The Big Short'

Brad Pitt is fired up. It is hard not to be when you watch his brilliant, must-see movie "The Big Short." the Academy Award-nominated Pitt executive produces and stars in the true story of corporate deception that led to the devastating financial collapse of 2008.

Pitt's character isn't one of the bad guys, but he is not one of the good guys, either. Along with Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell, they're all outsiders who predicted the bubble would burst and profited from it.

"The Big Short" boasts one of the best ensemble casts of 2015, but Christian Bale steals the show again by delivering another remarkable performance, as mastermind Michael Burry.

Not unlike his character in the film, Pitt took big risks on this one by investing in a dense story brimming with confusing jargon like CDOs and tranches, not to mention tapping the comedic director of "Anchor Man" to handle the weighty subject matter.

The minds behind this clever, insightful hit will soon be laughing all the way to the bank.