Boys with cancer become honorary firefighters

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Two brave boys battling for their lives become honorary FDNY firefighters on Tuesday.

River Laurence, 4, and Trucker Dukes, 3, are both receiving treatment for cancer, neuroblastoma, at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York.

Trucker's dad, Josh, is also a firefighter in Hawaii. Trucker's family is here all the way from Hawaii.

River's family is from Texas. His mom, Jocelyn, says the FDNY has made home feel all the more closer.

While in treatment both boys had chance encounters with firefighters and the comradery only grew.

Trucker's mom, Shauna, says she always her son would receive his own turnout gear someday.

Both boys now have another family for life -- a brotherhood that will forever have their backs, no matter what.