Boy treated at CHOP for leukemia enters hospice care

The parents of a young boy treated for leukemia at CHOP made a heartbreaking announcement.  They shared the news that 7-year-old Jackson's leukemia returned and they have decided to go forward with hospice care in Florida. 

Jackson, 7, was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia back in August 2015. After years of failed treatments, the Florida family came all the way to Philadelphia for an experimental T-cell Therapy at CHOP. You see getting here was half the battle, Jackson couldn't fly commercial from Florida because he was too sick. A social media campaign about Jackson went viral. A Good Samaritan, who wants to remain anonymous, donated his Learjet and the services of his pilot.

His parents, Regina Failla and Eric Hunter, started a Facebook page called 'Action 4 Jackson' to provide updates on his progress to friends and  family, which quickly grew to a following of over 11,000 people.

In April, Jackson's parents posted a video sharing a special announcement. They had just received word from their doctor that Jackson's T-cell Therapy was successful and he was cancer-free.

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Sadly, on Tuesday they made a devastating announcement that the cancer returned. They asked everyone to keep them in their prayers. 

The family is holding an opened prayer service at thechapel of Conwell-Egan. For more information, click here.