Boy nearly drowns at birthday party

Natasha Domond wants every parent to think twice before letting their own children play in the water before they know how to swim. That is why the Atlanta mother shared heartbreaking photos of her 10-year-old son Darius Chambers with FOX 5 News.

The 10-year-old nearly drowned Saturday and has been in the care of doctors at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Eggleston ever since.

“Seeing my son lifeless like that was hard. He was black and blue in the face and they were doing CPR and I was just thinking ‘I'm losing my son.’ My son is leaving me. I'm losing my son," Domond said.

Darius was at a friend's pool party celebrating the end of his baseball season and the end of the school year. Domond said they had only been at the house 15 minutes when Darius went under and could not make it up on his own since he has never learned how to swim.

"His 10-year-old teammate saw him lifeless in the water and pulled him out of the water and that's when the parents started CPR. I'm so grateful to those parents and to Darius' teammate. This was all God and I'm just so grateful," said Domond.

A doctor and a nurse happened to be among the parents who helped save Darius. Natasha said the first couple of days did not look good for her son, but now, he is now responsive and even alert at times. Thursday she said he was even able to stand with assistance.

"They expect a full recovery… Cat Scan... Brain is fine," said Domond.

Natasha is a mission to spare other families the heartache of a drowning accident.

"Get your children some swimming lessons and just have that conversation about what you should do around a pool. Make sure to get them a life vest and flotation devices and never take your eyes of off them because this literally happened within minutes of us arriving at the pool party," said Domond. "Take a look at those pictures of my son in the hospital and know that this is not what you want for your child so that you can make sure it doesn't happen to your child."