Boy found wandering streets after mom put him on school bus

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A Warren mother is outraged after her young son went missing for several hours. 

The people, who should have kept him safe, allegedly didn't even know where he was. Fortunately, that five-year-old is safe at home tonight. He was found wandering the streets hours after he was placed on a school bus by his mother.

Detroit police say they are still investigating the case as possible abuse and neglect on the part of the daycare, while the parents of the 5-year-old boy are still amazed he's alive and unharmed after what he went through.

Jacoby Easley Jr. attends Crossroads Learning Center on Seven Mile. His family sent him off on the bus as usual around 7:30 Monday morning, but Jacoby, never made it to school.

"I was crying for my mommy," he said.

"It's hurting me inside because I'm like, what could've happened," said Shakela Card, his mother. "Anything could've happened to my son. He could've been hurt and anything could've happened."

Police say Jacoby was spotted more than five hours later, wondering alone in the area of Seven Mile Road and Conant, several blocks from the school.

"We want to get to the bottom of what's going on, like how did this happen," said Jacoby Easley, the boy's father. "If there's three adults around these kids, how did no one check?"

Jacoby says he fell asleep on the bus to school and when he woke up, he was alone and afraid. He didn't know what else to do except open the emergency hatch in the back, slide off the bus, and start searching for his house."

"I was asleep, then I got off the bus, and I was scared," Jacoby said.

FOX 2 went to Crossroads Learning Center for their side, but were asked to leave.

There was no comment at this time from the supervisor of the school, who also wouldn't tell us if any of the employees were disciplined.

"It's hurting me so bad because it's like this happened to my child and nobody cares," Card said. "It's like nothing is being done and no action is being taken."

"For my son, I'm glad that he's safe and he's OK," said Jacoby Easley, the boy's father. "That's what calmed me down. But I do want someone to be reprimanded; someone to be held accountable."

Detroit police say the day care and preschool is now under investigation by Child Protective Services and the Child Abuse Unit.

FOX 2 will have an update to the story when it becomes available.