Boy Battling Cancer Becomes Honorary Navy SEAL

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The Navy SEALs have welcomed their newest member: a brave 14-year-old boy from North Carolina who has been fighting his own personal battle for years.

B.J. Correll is currently fighting his second battle with leukemia in his young life.

His mother said he has wanted to join the Navy and become a Navy SEAL since a middle school project. The SEAL Swim Charities group heard about the teen's story and wanted to honor him.

"He shows the character of what a SEAL would be like. He's very strong. He has gone through so much. So much pain, just not physically but mentally. And he stayed strong through it," said Stephen Brown with SEAL Swim Charities.

The group of retired SEALs surprised B.J. in his hospital room, making him an honorary SEAL.  

"You are now a Navy seal," Brown told B.J.

B.J. told the SEALs "thank you" and told them it was an honor. They replied saying it was their honor and they would be proud to serve with him.

"It took my breath away. He's having a hard time right now. We are on our last option... It's amazing for him to have what he's wanted to do for his life," the boy's mother said.