Bovine baffles beachgoers after it seemingly emerges from sea

Some people might expect to see a boat, maybe even a dolphin or two while out at the beach, but probably not a cow.

Beachgoers at County Donegal’s Bunbeg Beach in Ireland got an “amoosing” surprise when a cow seemingly emerged from the sea on Aug. 15.

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Video captured of the event shows the bovine making its way toward shallower water as delighted beachgoers watched from afar.

Caoimhe O’Connell, who recorded video of the cow, suspected it may have gotten stuck on a smaller island when the tide came in, so it decided to make “a break” for the mainland.

“Donegal - where cows emerge from the sea,” O’Connell joked on Twitter.

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The cow did manage to get to shore safely before galloping away toward greener pastures. 

Storyful contributed to this report.