Books on the rise as e-book popularity fades

Remember when everyone thought Amazon’s Kindle would be the end of bookstores? Fast-forward to 2015 and books, yes actual books with pages and a cover, are making a comeback and e-readers fade in popularity.

At Minneapolis book store Magers and Quinn, they said business is strong in part because Americans are increasingly moving away from e-books and turning back to print.

According to the Association of American Publishers, e-book sales are down 10 percent, while paperback sales are up 13 percent.

"We might have like 400 holds on the latest John Grisham in the e-book, but in the print it will be over a thousand holds,” they said. 

At Hennepin County library, the trend is hard to miss. With more than 100,000 books available digitally, the selection is better than ever. But digital demand is starting to level.

Even committed e-readers will tell you nothing replaces a book. A combination of rising prices and perceived lack of “cool” has helped pulp overtake the pixel. And the age group leading the charge may not be the one you would think. Experts say the millennial generation has made it clear that their preference is print.

It’s a reminder that old and new can co-exist, and some things never change. No matter which you like, reading is always good. But expect to see more books and fewer e-readers under the tree this holiday season.