BookATailor: Tailors make house calls

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When you think of custom clothing, you may envision a lengthy and stuffy process but now there's a whole new way to get suited up and it starts right here in the back of a Smart car. The concept is, a bespoke tailoring service that brings the measuring tape and fabric swatches to you.

Started by CEO Jacomo Hakim, the company uses a small fleet of roving Smart cars to offer the young entrepreneur a way to find new customers, something he couldn't do while sitting at his mall kiosk.

As for the prices, Hakim calls his approach "disruptive" with shirts starting at two for $99 and suits starting $449.

And I gave the rapid fitting process a shot including the company's patented Bespokino technology, which allows the customer to simulate the fit of their desired shirt by adjusting a series of tabs.

As his cars begin to roam cities around the country, and with a women's line and an Uber-like tailoring app on the way, Hakim is quickly living up to the philosophy that got him started here in the first place: "If you prove something that works in New York, you could put it anywhere else and it will work."

A Kickstarter campaign for the Bespokino custom shirt technology launches tomorrow, and the BookATailor smart cars are available for fittings right now.