Body cam video shows cop saving chicken from fire

A brave police officer responding to a fire in Westchester County saved a flightless farm bird from being fried.

And now his fellow officers are roasting him over his actions, which, thanks to the modern tech of a police body camera, are now public record.

In the video, Officer McGovern of the Ossining Police Department can be seen getting propane tanks away from a shed fire on Saturday. He then goes after a chicken, saying, "Come here, buddy." He grabs the flapping chicken, which clucks loudly, and gets it to safety.

"I got your chicken," the officer can be heard saying.

In honor of McGovern's bravery, the police department good-naturedly trolled him on Facebook.

"Now, it's not that we don't love chickens. They're just fine and certainly deserve our assistance. It's just that, if you ever wanted to get a hard time from your coworkers, be a hero... to a chicken," police wrote in a post with the body cam video. "Congratulations, Officer McGovern. Since the 'Lifesaving Award' doesn't specifically prohibit the subject of your bravery from being poultry, we will put you in for an award because, well, this is a story that's too good to let go of."

FOX 5 NY reported this story from New York City.