Blankets for shelter dogs

Stopping at the North Fork Animal Welfare League has become part of Valerie Sanks' weekly routine. Each year she shows her love and affection by giving them gifts. Her inspiration is Buster, a pit bull that has become Valerie's best friend and the feeling is mutual.

Buster was dropped off at the shelter when he was a puppy. Valerie can't take him home because he is afraid of other animals and people. They go on dates throughout the year. But around the holidays, they're more like Mr. and Mrs. Claus. Together they're on a mission to give every shelter dog in New York State a new blanket for Christmas.

Blankets for Buster and His Friends started in 2013. That year Valerie collected 150 blankets. This year she has received close to 4,000. She couldn't have done it without help from the community.

She has delivered blankets to shelters as far as Syracuse and Cortland. Her ultimate goal is to find each dog a forever home.

Val and her team have their work cut out for them. They plan on dropping blankets off to at least another four shelters on Long Island before Christmas Eve.