Bears take a snooze in tree in New Jersey neighborhood

Bears seen snoozing in a tree in Rockaway, New Jersey on October 19, 2022. 

A group of black bears has decided to spend their last few days before hibernation camping out in the trees of a Rockaway Township, New Jersey neighborhood. 

Three bears took a relaxing afternoon nap in a tree on Lenape Avenue in the White Meadow Lake neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon. 

According to neighbors, there were as many as six of the furry visitors at one point, and have been moving from one tree to another since Monday.

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"They don't seem to be bothering anybody, but, it's a little disturbing," one resident said.

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"With all the increased development in the area, lots of the natural habitat is coming down," another resident said. "The bears have nowhere to go, so where are they gonna come? They're gonna come into our neighborhoods more and more."

Officials are reminding residents that if they see a bear, not to approach it. 

Residents are also being encouraged to secure their trash as black bears forage for food as they prepare to hibernate in the winter.