Birthday girl makes lunches for Detroit police

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An 8-year-old made lunches for Detroit police officers Saturday to show her appreciation.

While watching television with her grandmother, Samiyah Walker learned about the Dallas police shootings.

As she prepared for her ninth birthday on Sunday, Walker made the decision that instead of receiving gifts for her birthday, she wanted to give.

"I wanted to feed police officers so they could know that all lives matter," said Walker.

Walker made sack lunches filled with a sandwich, chips, juice and fruit and personally delivered them to the Detroit police officers in the 11th precinct.

"It feels my heart, I'm almost in tears. She is the spirit of Detroit," said Darrell McClendon of the Detroit police.

Walker said she appreciates the police officers one thousand percent.

A gesture like this from a little girl who is only about to turn 9 years old speaks volumes about what she's learning at home.

"She didn't learn that on her own -- it had to come from the family, the grandmother ... This is a village raising a child," McClendon said.

Her father, Sam Walker, said it's all about talking to your children.

"On TV they see all the bad stuff going on then they see the people negativity as far as hatred, and it's easy for them to learn that," he said. "But going to church, talking to them every day -- it teaches them you can't hate anyone. One thing she told me that all lives matter and she doesn't see a skin tone."