Bills aim to legalize or decriminalize marijuana in Texas

Harris County has already seen the sheriff and district attorney on the side of decriminalizing marijuana possession.

With a new district attorney that’s a democrat, the same thing could happen soon in Fort Bend County.

“I don’t think it’s proper to fill our jails up with people with small amounts of marijuana,” said Fort Bend County District Attorney-elect Brian Middleton. “What my office will do, we will have a pre-trial diversion program for those who show themselves worthy.”

In just the first day of filing bills for the upcoming legislative session, at least three would have Texas join 32 other states to legalize medical marijuana.

Another bill would decriminalize possession.

One filed by Senator Jose Rodriguez proposes a constitutional amendment to authorize and regulate the possession, cultivation and sale of marijuana. In other words, pot would be legal for party use.

“We have done such horrible things with this,” said Ann Lee. “Imagine putting someone in prison for possession of marijuana.”

When you visualize the type of person that’s a staunch supporter of legalizing marijuana, you don’t picture Ann Lee.

“I’m very much aware of that,” Lee said.

Lee has been pushing for legalized pot for years.

After realizing it helped one of her sons with a medical issue, she and her husband founded R.A.M.P. Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition.

Lee thinks marijuana needs to be legal in Texas period.

“I don’t think that we’re so dumb that we’re going to continue to make it cost us money instead of getting the money for it," Lee said.