Bikers surprise Indiana girl running lemonade stand after mom assists during motorcycle accident

Thirsty bikers won’t just settle for any old glass of lemonade — they only stop for the “best lemonade in the state.”

That’s exactly what happened in Chili, Ind. when a group of bikers visited an 8-year-old girl’s lemonade stand as part of a surprise they organized for the girl and her mom.

Daryn Sturch, mom to 8-year-old Bryanne, shared footage of the sweet moment to Facebook, explaining that she originally met the bikers last year while coming to their aid during a road accident.

“My daughter and I pulled up on a motorcycle accident," Sturch wrote of the September 2018 incident, saying that multiple members of the Milwaukee Iron motorcycle group had been involved. "Today they came by for lemonade to surprise my daughter.”

The accident took place near Denver, Ind., according to RTV6. Sturch, a nurse, told the outlet that she “ran up to assist” in any way she could.

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The bikers didn’t forget. They stayed in touch with Sturch, and on Sept. 15, they decided to surprise Bryanne by showing up for a cold glass of lemonade.

Bryanne’s grandfather, who called her lemonade the “best lemonade in the state,” also shared the video to Facebook, ending his post with the hashtag #GoodPeopleDoExist — and it’s a message Sturch is hoping the video’s viewers take to heart.

“My big takeaway is that I really want people to step back and understand that we can look differently, talk differently, dress differently, have different interests… but just because we are 'different' doesn’t mean that we don’t share the same core values,” Sturch said in a statement shared with Fox News. “It’s about respect, love, kindness, and the desire to serve others.”

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