Biker bar holds annual ride to support children of fallen military members

For four years, a valley biker bar has partnered with AZ Troop Run at Lucie's Sage and Sand Bar and Grill where hundreds of bikers from across the state pull together to support children of fallen military men and women.

"We've always been a military friendly bar since we have Luke Air Force Base directly across the street. We met Mr. Cutrano on one of our rides," said Mitchell Stevens of Lucie's Sage and Sand Bar and Grill.

The cause hits close to home.

"Here in this state, so he's not all over the nation, he's taking care of our military here locally," said Stevens.

Found Aaron Cutrano said for him, it's more than just financial aid, it's about a support network.

"For their extracurricular activities, school supplies, food, sports drinks, anything of that nature that we can help, we help them out," said Cutrano.

The program helps out children K-12 with a mission to let them know that despite what's happened, they're never alone.

"Our goal is not only to just hand it to them and walk away, our goal is to go, 'Here you go. We're in your corner, we're here to support you. Our community is going to support you with open arms and love that we are here for you," said Cutrano.

Cutrano says there's a catch; there are two very important rules to stay in the program.

"Number one, easy thing, they have to stay in school. Number two, they have to give back to the community every single year," said Cutrano.