Bike lanes coming to the Upper West Side

At a Community Board 7 meeting, hundreds cheered, clapped, pleaded and cried over the course of two and a half hours as they discussed one of the most contentious issues facing residents: Bike lanes.

The discussion became at times heated and emotional, as residents appealed to one another on behalf of the safety of cyclists and the impact installing bike lanes would have on middle-class families that rely on street parking.

The Department of Transportation's proposal would install plastic barriers on over two miles of roadway from 59th to 110th Street on the northbound side of Central Park West. However, they also say the street is too narrow for both parking and bikes, and implementing the bike lane will mean the removal of 400 parking spots.

The DOT says they will begin implementing the bike lanes this summer, but they will not be finished until next year. They will also check in with Community Board 7 on a quarterly basis to see how the project is progressing.