'Bigfoot Bae' spotted in New York City

Have you seen her?

New Yorkers, keep your eyes peeled! Bigfoot has been spotted in New York. FOX 5 GDNY anchor Bianca Peters caught up with the elusive social media star, Bigfoot Bae.

Bianca invited Bigfoot Bae out to a fancy lunch, where they discussed topics ranging from her NYC vacation, to her love life.

'Bigfoot Bae' spotted in New York City

Bigfoot Bae is single, but looking. Bianca mentioned some men to see if she would be interested:

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio

  • Bigfoot Bae commented that she liked the former mayor's hair.


  • Bigfoot Bae was on the fence about the rapper.

FOX 5 NY's Ryan Kristafer

  • Bigboot Bae gave him an astounding yes.

Pete Davison was also mentioned as a dating possibility.

'Bigfoot Bae' spotted in New York City

The social media star, who Bianca discovered is a size 20 foot, wants to travel next to the Andes, Swiss Alps and the Catskills.

According to her Instagram, Bigfoot Bae has been around since March 2021. As of March 2023, she has 693,000 followers.