Best friend donates eggs for couple to have baby

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(Photos used with permission from Cambria Hauck Photography)

A couple who spent years trying to conceive finally realized their dream after a the woman's best friend donated her eggs.

Utah couple Chelsea and Steve Judd finally tried IVF but doctors discovered Chelsea suffered from low quality eggs.

The couple began thought they would never have the children, until Chelsea's friend Tia Stokes offered to help and donated eggs.

The pair had become friends while taking dance classes about 6 years ago.  

Four embryos were created using Tia's eggs and Steve's sperm, and two were subsequently implanted in Chelsea.  Chelsea and Steve finally learned they were expecting in September 2015, and their daughter, Giselle was born in May 2016 at 7 lbs. and 2 oz.

Doctors at the fertility clinic created four embryos, two of which will be implanted in Chelsea next month in hopes of giving Giselle a sibling.