'Below Deck' couple in hot water over prescription fraud

The ship is sinking for urologist Francis Martinis and his wife Jessica, who appeared on episodes of the Bravo reality TV show Below Deck.

The Long Island couple walked out of the courtroom without commenting on Thursday. On the show, the two were members of a group who chartered a luxury yacht that set sail on the French Riviera.

Prosecutors say they allegedly tried to steal the identities of cast members from the show in a scheme to get pain pills.

"All of those opioids, they're not going to people who actually need them for medical purposes, they're not going to people whose names are on prescriptions," said Suffolk District Attorney Ray Tierney.

According to the indictment, Francis would electronically submit scripts for oxycodone pills in the names of people that they met on the show. Jessica would pay cash and pick them up at CVS locations across Suffolk County. Over two years they tried to fill over a dozen prescriptions, but it was a handwritten one that raised a red flag as most are now sent electronically. Jessica’s name also didn’t match the patient it was written out for.

The president of the urology practice, Dr. Martinis was a partner said he hadn't seen patients in over a year. He couldn't get into specifics, citing a confidential internal review process, but told FOX 5 NY that Martinis was terminated in February before his arrest.

In the criminal complaint, Jessica told police they didn’t sell any prescriptions. It was all for them. Their attorney says they’re innocent.

"If you examine the charges, they won't be substantiated in a court of law," said attorney Peter Crusco. "They look forward to clearing their names."

The District Attorney’s office says the couple faces a maximum sentence of 5-15 years in jail if convicted. They’re due back in court on January 25.

FOX 5 NY reached out to Bravo for comment and haven’t heard back.