Belching, farting, jackhammering ‘bad neighbor’ in Canada fined nearly $13K

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A court in Canada has ordered a British Columbia man to pay his neighbors $12,663 ($16,801 Canadian dollars) for harassing and tormenting his next-door neighbors, John and Sherri Wheeldon, over a span of several years, according to CBC News.

The man, Reno Pellegrin, was accused of not only operating a jackhammer outside of his home but also blowing snow on his neighbors' property and making suggestive gestures to them.

"One gesture Mr. Pellegrin made repeatedly was poking his tongue in his cheek to simulate oral sex," wrote Judge Catherine Crockett. “Mrs. Wheeldon testified that Mr. Pellegrin will also grab his crotch, put his hand into the crack of his buttocks, and belch and fart as he passes her when she is outside on her property.”

The dispute between the neighbors was allegedly sparked by the Wheeldons inadvertently building a concrete retaining wall just centimeters over Pellegrin’s side of the property line. 

"People need to be discouraged from similar 'bad neighbor' type behavior," Crockett wrote in her ruling.

However, John Wheeldon called the financial decision a “drop in the bucket” compared to the constant torment he and his wife were subjected to by Pellegrin.

"Money doesn't replace six years for the way this guy's carried on," Wheeldon told the CBC. "I see a nightmare with my eyes wide open."

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