Behind the scenes of Lord and Taylor's holiday windows

The holiday windows at Lord and Taylor are a tradition that date back to 1937. Unlike other retailers, Lord and Taylor considers the windows a gift to the city so commercial products are never included in the animated displays. This year, the theme is "The best and the brightest."

Fox 5 got an inside look at the finishing touches being made to each window before the official unveiling. The Fifth Avenue windows have been transformed into a whimsical journey as seen through the lens of enchanted snow globes.

One window is titled "Artic Adventures" and features two polar bears meeting for a celebratory high five. Another window, with its smiling ring master, depicts a holiday circus. 

An interesting feature you'll only find at this 103-year-old landmarked building are the windows that are raised into place.

At the unveiling, crowds gathered and music was provided by country star Jesse James Decker.

For the last two years, Lord And Taylor has snagged a Winning Windows Award. It is easy to see why. Make these windows part of your holiday tradition.