Behind Pink Houses 'Project Heat'

"Project Heat" was released in May 2015 on YouTube. The first episode was about the killing of Akai Gurley.

As we await a verdict in the case against NYPD Officer Peter Liang, creator and writer Tiffon "Pop" Dunn and co-writer and producer Doug Apparicio explain why they decided to dedicate one episode of this YouTube series to the Akai Gurley shooting.

The first three an half minutes is a reenactment of what supposedly happened that night. Dunn and producer Apparicio say they weren't picking sides when they wrote the story line. This episode has been viewed over 90,000 times.

The web series is on its second season. Each episode is a different story. People getting killed over debt, domestic violence. All what has happened and continues to happen at the Pink Houses, one of New York's most dangerous housing projects.

Dunn and Apparicio say the views have been incredible and they never leave their viewers hanging even if that means coming back to the first episode. The city is focused on Officer Peter Liang's trial and so are they. After the verdict they will be filming an episode based on it.