Bear attacks man who let his dog out for a walk

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 A man says he was letting his dog outside in Florida when a large bear attacked him.

Andrew Meunier tells news outlets he let his dog out of his home about 11 p.m. Tuesday and spotted the 4-foot bear standing next to him when he stepped outside. He told the Collier County Sheriff's Department the dog ran back inside scared.

"I came outside and he was right there. And I tried to run and wasn't fast enough," Meunier says.

Meunier said he struggled to get away and managed to get back through his front door.

A 911 call revealed that Meunier suffered a facial laceration from the bear attack. He sought treatment at a local hospital and received 41 stitches.

"I'm just happy to be alive," Meunier said. "It could've been a totally different story."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officials are putting out traps to try to catch the bear before there are any more attacks.

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