Barber travels world for dementia patients

'Lenny the barber' has clientele all over the world and while he might not be the first mobile barber--his mission is a cut above the rest.

A few years ago, Lenny White who hails from Northern Ireland, took a risk--he left his unfulfilling job in sales to get a barber diploma.

When White was 17-years-old he had worked at a nursing home and loved to interact with the residents. He saw a need to provide a unique service for those dealing with dementia.

"I give em a good haircut, I will do their eyebrows, their nose hair, their ear hair and I give them a good, wet clean shave," says White, "so these men are not only feeling good but they are looking good by the time they leave." But it's not just a haircut, White provides an experience--recreating the feel of an old-fashioned barbershop to help bring these men back in time through conversation and sensory stimulation.

"Music is very important in the brain, it registers that part of the brain that never goes to it's making them feel good and bring back memories often times gone by," says White. "I'll use the old-fashioned soaps, the old-fashioned after-shaves...that they'd use back in the day."

While Sinatra plays softly in the background and the aroma of Old Spice fills the air these men get to take a little trip down memory lane as White fulfills his calling.