Barbara Bush honored at George Bush Presidential Library

People from all over the world are headed to George Bush Presidential Library in College Station, which will be the final resting place for former first lady Barbara Bush. 

Even before you go inside the building, there’s a growing memorial in front where people are leaving flowers, books and other mementos.

The rotunda of the library is now set up especially to honor Mrs. Bush. 

"We have a condolence book for people to come and sign and pay their well wishes,” explains George Bush Presidential Library spokesperson David Anaya. 

A steady stream of people have been stopping by all day. 

“This is a celebration of a life well lived and respectfully lived,” says Angela Braun.

"I wanted to come and honor her,” says Lacey Stubblefield.

“She was our grandmother-in-chief for such a long time and just the epitome of an American,” adds Alex Stroman. 

Another thing that comes to mind when you think of Mrs. Bush?  Her amazing love story with President George H. W. Bush. They met at a Christmas dance when she was just 16 years old. 

"It was so sweet how they got together,” Stubblefield says with a smile.

They Bush’s celebrated their 73rd wedding anniversary in January 2018. 

"I don’t think I knew that.  73 years? That’s incredible,” laughs Braun.

”She adored her husband,” Patricia Burchfield says.

”The first man she ever kissed was her husband George H. W. Bush. So what an exemplary standard that we had to look up to,” says Stroman.

"There aren’t many women that can, to this day or ever will be able to say they had that type of legacy in love,” smiles Braun. 

"Then I also think about her love story for her family. I think about her young daughter that she’s now reunited with, Robin,” says Stroman.     

Mrs. Bush is only the second woman in history to be both the wife and mother of an American president. She will be laid to rest on the grounds of the library behind the building next to her daughter Robin, who died of leukemia when she was just 3 years old.