Bag with human remains found in Maleah Davis search in Arkansas

Authorities in Arkansas have found a bag with human remains in their search for Maleah Davis' body.

Hempstead County Sheriff says a road side crew found a black garbage bag "emitting a foul odor" a few days ago. But left it alone, because dead animals are often dumped into ditches.

On Friday, a litter and mowing crew that was mowing the interstates and the exits apparently mowed over the bag, spreading the remains in the area.

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Arkansas State Police's Crime Scene Unit on scene and FBI agents are trying to determine if the remains belong to little Maleah.

This comes just hours after Derion Vence, Maleah Davis' mother's ex-fiance, confessed to Quanell X that Maleah is dead. He said it was an accident and that he dumped her body in Arkansas.

In the wake of the possible discovery, Brittany Bowens told FOX 26's Ivory Hecker to tell the public she's not missing, she's in mourning for her child.

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Quanell X held a press conference with Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller just before noon.

He did not disclose the exact location of where Maleah's body was dumped, but Miller said search crews are traveling in a private plane to Arkansas at 3 p.m. to recover her body.

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Law enforcement confirmed they would be accompanying Miller's search crew to Arkansas.

Hempstead County officials confirmed that Houston authorities reached out to them for assistance in the search for Maleah Friday morning.

The litter and mowing crew found the garbage bag roughly 12 miles from where investigators were searching.


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