Badly beaten Husky puppy continues on road to recovery

Good news from Maricopa County Animal Care and Control: a husky puppy that was found badly beaten is now on the road to recovery, after a rocky start.

The husky, BB Bear, was brought to MCACC earlier this month, with a traumatic brain injury and broken bones. Vets at the clinic say BB Bear is showing signs of progress. They say he is recovering, but is still getting nutrients through a feeding tube.

Vets say although BB Bear still has not gained back his sight, they're hopeful.

"We believe that at one point in time, vision will be acquired, and three motor activity -- Motor activity can mean the ability to ambulant and walk, and this guy can now walk." said Hugh Giffords.

Bear is grabbing international news, with people all over the world wanting to help and adopt him. Vets, however, said it will still be a while before finding him a forever home.