Baby sea otter rescued in Morro Bay

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Photo courtesy Morro Bay Harbor Department

An abandoned, newborn sea otter found washed up on the beach in Morro Bay is being nursed back to health. 

The tiny, female otter was found by a group of kayakers on October 19th. 

With the help of the Morro Bay Harbor Patrol, the otter was taken to a local Marine Mammal facility and later transferred to the intensive care unit at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Aquarium officials say the pup was less than a week old and weighed just 1.9 kg when she arrived.

The otter is now gaining strength but still needs round the clock care.

Caregivers hope she will make a full recovery and be released back into the wild. 

After she is released, she will be tracked and if she is not able to fend for herself right away, she will be brought back to the research center for further rehab. 

The public is reminded that if they come across sick or injured marine mammal, or apparently abandoned young marine mammals, as was the case with this recently abandoned baby otter in Morro Bay, they should contact the Marine Mammal Center at 805-771-8300 for animals anywhere, or the Morro Bay Harbor Department at 805-772-6254 for animals in the Morro Bay area. 

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