Baby of slain teen Marlen Ochoa-Lopez dies after weeks on life support

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Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui and her baby boy Yadiel Yovany Lopez | Family photos

The baby that was cut from the womb of murdered Chicago teenager Marlen Ochoa-Lopez has died, a spokesperson for the family has confirmed with FOX 32 News.

Yovani Yadiel Lopez died at 5 a.m. Friday at Christ Hospital after weeks on life support, according to Julie Contreras, a spokeswoman for the family. Contreras said Baby Yovani was still on life support when his condition suddenly deteriorated.

Three people have been charged in the case as a mother plotted for months to acquire a newborn before she and her daughter strangled Ochoa-Lopez and cut her baby from her womb using a butcher's knife, prosecutors say.

The charges came three weeks after Ochoa-Lopez disappeared and a day after her body was discovered in a garbage can in the backyard of a home on the city's Southwest Side, about 4 miles from her own home. The 19-year-old has been lured to the home due to an offer for free baby clothing.

She was nine months pregnant.

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