Babies photographed in Halloween costumes

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The March of Dimes came up with the idea of making the cute costumes for NICU babies at Saint Luke’s Hospital of Kansas City. Families in the NICU sometimes  spend weeks or months there, and it can be an emotional time. The provided an opportunity for them to celebrate Halloween with their little ones allows them a sense of normalcy, and to celebrate their baby’s first milestones, which is what every family wants to do.

The March of Dimes provided babies at Saint Luke’s Hospital with handmade Halloween costumes, a “Trick or Treat, smell my feet” card with their baby’s footprints, a hand crocheted pumpkin filled with treats, and a Halloween book that families could read together.

March of Dimes volunteers along with Saint Luke’s NICU nurses made the costumes and one staff member from Saint Luke’s crocheted all the pumpkins.  They were delivered to around 35 babies!

Thanks to Sally Morrow Photography, Schaumburg Photography, Faces You Love Photography for sharing their images!