Atlanta Uber driver beaten, carjacked by passengers

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An Atlanta mother was punched in the face, pepper sprayed and pulled out of her car, all by passengers in her Uber.

Uber Driver Cricket Diggs says she pick up two passengers in Southwest Atlanta Saturday night after they canceled their trip.

When she asked them to get out, they attacked her and took off in her car, dragging her behind the vehicle.

“Basically my left side is still in the car, my right side is out of the car, hanging onto the car as she is flying down the road,” Diggs told FOX 5.

Diggs' husband Andrew took photos of her injuries after medics rushed her to the hospital.

“When I got to the hospital I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her, then told her she is not driving no more,” he said.

The mother of four says she’d just dropped another passenger off at the Oakland City MARTA Station at around 9 a.m. when she realized the women’s trip had been canceled. She told them they had to rebook or get out of her car.

"They refused to do that. They kept telling me over and over again 'You need to take us where we were supposed to be dropped off at. This person already paid and you are taking us back now,'” she said.

Diggs says the women jumped her when she called police. They punched her in the face and pulled her hair, one of the women grabbed the car keys and took off in Diggs’ vehicle. They dragged Diggs about a block before she finally managed to break free.

Diggs says they stopped the car, took her cellphone then jumped back in the vehicle and drove off.

Police recovered the car at an East Point apartment complex Saturday afternoon.

Diggs is thankful she wasn’t killed.

”The whole entire time I was on the ground I was thinking, like, wow my kids, like, what if they actually beat me to the point where I actually died? My kids would be left with no mom,” she said.