Atlanta Lyft rider suprised in Shaq video

An Atlanta woman's phone has not stopped buzzing since Lyft released its newest "undercover" video Wednesday.

Saika Bince, who uses Lyft to go everywhere, was one of several riders featured in the online spot.

"I've never gone viral before," she mused.  "So, like this is cool.  This is really cool."

The viral video features former NBA player Shaquille O'Neal dressed up in disguises while behind the wheel as a Lyft driver.



Bince said the company emailed her and as a loyal customer, asked her to participate in a driver training video in early May. 

"The basic rundown was just like, 'You're just going to get inside this Lyft.  You're [going to] hold regular conversation with your Lyft driver and we'll kind [of] just run them through how  to give great customer service.'  So, I'm like, easy enough," Bince explained. 

She said she thought she recognized O'Neal as soon as she got into the car, but second-guessed herself.

"I get in the Lyft and this huge person is sitting there and I don't watch basketball," she recalled.  "As we're interacting with each other, when we get to the point where he asked me about basketball, I'm like, 'Bruh, this is Shaq!'" 



As aspiring artist, Bince sang with the basketball superstar in the video and she hopes the exposure may be the big break she needs to jumpstart her career.

"I'm hoping that people keep looking for me," she said. 

Bince said her social media and SoundCloud pages have already picked up more followers since the video's release.