As office returns seem far-off, home office renovations rise

With many workers not going back into the office or classroom anytime soon, people are renovating their home workspace.

According to Rakuten Intelligence, online sales of desks and accessories such as desk chairs and lamps were up almost 300% in August.

"We've seen desks sell out," says Joseph Pisani, a Retail Reporter, for the Associated Press, "Especially cheaper ones that are under $200, because some people don't have the money or they don't want to invest a lot of money on something that will be temporary. In New York, there's not a lot of space so the cheaper, smaller desks are hard to find."

Pisani adds that online sites such as Facebook Marketplace and Let Go, which allows people to sell and buy used items saw an uptick in people searching for office furniture.

And if all else fails, you can always build a desk yourself.    

"It could be as simple as like a trip to Home Depot and getting some cinder blocks and wood. It doesn't need to be fancy," Kathtyn O'Shea-Evans, who covers design. "It just needs to be functional at this point. We're going to get through this."