Armed park rangers to patrol Huntington

The town of Huntington on Long Island has a plan to cut crime by bringing in six armed park rangers to patrol problematic areas.

The rangers will patrol town properties, mostly town parks, and will be focusing on Huntington Station, according to A.J. Carter, the town's public information officer. Carter said funding for the added patrols was already in the budget. Unlike the town's present public safety officers, the park rangers are certified peace officers which means they're allowed to carry guns. They'll work with the Suffolk County Police Department and be able to make arrests.

People who live in the community say extra safety is long overdue.

The park rangers -- five men and one woman -- are in the process of finalizing paperwork. They'll start by rotating shifts on weekends and will be paid $23.53 an hour. Patrolling is expected to begin by Labor Day weekend.