Arlington PD releases video of deadly weekend shooting

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Arlington police have released dash and body camera video from last weekend's deadly officer-involved shooting during a traffic stop.

The body camera video released on Thursday is from the officer who shot and killed a driver who had drugs and a gun in his SUV.

Oshae Terry, 24, was killed after being pulled over during a traffic stop. Arlington pulled him and his friend over in the 2400 block of California Lane around 1:45 p.m. Saturday.

Police say the two responding officers smelled marijuana inside the SUV. One of the officers went back to the cop car to run their information while the other officer stood at the side of the SUV.

Body cam video shows Terry put his hand on the window controls before the incident happened. Terry started rolling up the window and the officer grabbed onto it, asking him what he's doing and trying to get him to stop.

At that time, the officer also jumped onto the runners of the SUV. As soon as Terry accelerated, the officer started shooting into the vehicle until it eventually crashed and the officer fell off, rolling into the street.

Terry was taken to the hospital, where he later died. The passenger was not shot.

Inside the SUV, police say they found a Glock, an extended 29 round magazine, marijuana and ecstasy. The officer who shot Terry is on administrative leave.

Attorney Lee Merritt is representing Terry’s family. They believe the shooting was not justified since the officer was not in danger and should’ve simply stepped back. The hope the DA will look closer at the case and pursue criminal charges for the officer.

“It’s clear that no one rolled up a window on an officer. The officer clearly wasn’t being dragged. He was holding on to the car,” Merritt said. “At no point was the officer in any danger for his life or anyone else for that matter.”

Terry’s family plans to pursue civil charges against the Arlington Police Department.

A spokesperson for Arlington PD says they released the videos in an effort to be transparent to let the public see what happened first hand within less than a week of the shooting.

Terry does have a criminal history. Between 2012 and 2016, he pleaded guilty to burglary of a building, two charges of possession of marijuana and evading arrest.