Ark Encounter founder says libraries are becoming dangerous for children

The man who built a giant replica of the Bible's Noah's Ark in Kentucky is warning children about the dangers posed by libraries.

Ken Ham tweeted a link to a Christian website article critical of LGBTQ content appearing in libraries.

"Increasingly (sadly) so, but public libraries are becoming dangerous places for kids (of all ages)," Ham tweeted.  "And sadly, the majority of kids from church homes have already had their hearts & minds captured by the enemy through public schools, TV etc."

Ham has previously written on what he called "homosexual behavior" saying, "In the last few years, this has become a dominant issue in our culture. The pressure to welcome and accept such behavior has become all-pervasive in the media, schools, and government."

Ham, a creationist, has also blamed racism as a spiritual problem rooted in a false belief in evolution.

His 510-foot-long wooden ark has been a popular northern Kentucky attraction since its 2016 opening. 

When first hiring workers for the ark exhibit Ham, founder of the ministry Answers in Genesis, said  the workers would be required to sign a statement saying they're Christian and "profess Christ as their savior."