Are you ready for the next generation of vending machines?

The next generation in vending machines is here. They open with a swipe, tap or touch. You can open the door to technology unlike ever before.

After 3 years of development, Tom Murn, who has 20 years of vending experience, introduced "Lisa", his high tech retail machine.  It's called auto-retail and could be a competitor to Amazon's retail-concept stores.

"With biometrics and artificial intelligence, we kind of take the internet and bring it to shopping," Murn says.

Inside Lisa's glass door, the products are customized depending on the retailer. From shaving kits, to watches, to a simple bag of chocolate, the user-friendly design allows customers to pick up or put down any item, and then simply walk away. The technology tracks the transaction.

"As soon as you pick up an item, a video will play about it to give you some information and give you the price.  Too expensive? You can put it back on the shelf and pay nothing," Murn says.

The machines will start being installed this summer in New York area waiting rooms, colleges and office buildings.  The company says it already has 5,000 pre-orders.

The machines will accept hands-free payment or biometric scans.

It's designed to be a full auto-retail experience and soon its going to get even better.

Lisa's smarter sister Vicki is coming soon.  Vicki will have some big changes. The music on ads, for instance, will only be audible for those standing in front of her. She can also scan your eye to open the door, and she can answer your questions.

"You can pick up a medication and say, 'Hey, I have a cold, is this good for cold?' Vicki will say 'No, you should get this' and also it will highlight which item you should've got," Murn says.

And for those skeptic about the artifical intelligence, he claims the system will only be as personal as you make it. You can scan in and build loyalty points which will lead to gifts, or stay anonymous with any swipe.