Are the Grammy Awards irrelevant?

The 59th annual Grammy Awards are coming up on Sunday, and we can look forward a big show with everyone from Beyoncé to Adele expected to perform. But this year, some major names are making headlines, not because of their nominations or performances, but for their decision NOT to attend the event. 

Frank Ocean won't be at this year's Grammys, deciding not to even submit his work for awards consideration. Part of his reasoning, according to the New York Times was the lack of black representation in the historical list of album of the year winners. 

There are also reports that Kanye West and Justin Bieber won't show up, with both reportedly questioning the relevance of the Grammys, despite both being nominated this year. 

According to New York Post music critic Hardeep Phull, the Grammys certainly make an impact, though he agrees that the awards may not reflect a broad range of musical tastes. 

As for this year, we'll wait and see what impact these artists may have on the show's direction.