Are millennials tossing the top sheet?

A great debate is happening in bedrooms and it has to do with… the sheets. The necessity of the top, or flat, sheet is being called into question. More millennials kicking it off altogether.

Anki Spets sells high-end bedding at her store Area Home in Greenwich Village. She says that more of her customers are forgoing the flat top sheet. The trend has been happening for about five years but she says it is more noticeable recently. Spets is from Europe, where many sleep with just a duvet. She attributes the trend to convenience and comfort because duvet covers are soft like sheets.

While ditching the top sheet may be more convenient it is not as hygienic. Dr. Keri Peterson says while most of us wash our sheets weekly, many tend to wash their duvet covers or comforters less frequently. She says if you skip the top sheet, you should wash your duvet as often as you wash your sheets.

But if stripping the top sheet sounds crazy to you, you're not alone. More than 70 percent of people who voted in a USA Today poll on Twitter agreed. They're not tossing their top sheet—at least not yet.