App points you to dog-friendly places around NYC

New York is a city of dog lovers with dog-friendly places around almost every corner. Shake Shack, for example, not only allows dogs in outdoor seating areas, but has a special "Woof" menu featuring "Poochini" ice cream sundaes and a "Bag o' Bones." But finding places like that to take your four-legged friend when you're out and about isn't always easy.

The app Slobbr hopes to change that.

"It's to find dog-friendly places and about making living life with a dog that much easier," said Slobbr's co-founder Jonathan Lagasse.

"So many people travel with dogs or are with their dogs all day and want to take them with them wherever they go now," said Lagasse. "Now they have a resource at their fingertips."

The app, which is available nationwide, maps everything from dog-friendly bars, restaurants and hotels, to dog parks, groomers and pet stores.

It's also functions as a kind of social network for dogs, allowing their owners to "check in" for them wherever they go.

In New York City the app already has 3,000 users, including Tania Peters, who owns the dog walking business Paw Prints New York.

"I get asked these questions all the time and it's really good for people to have a source for everything."

Slobbr also has a charitable side.

"Every time anyone checks in a dog, we donate kibble to a shelter or rescue," explained Lagasse.

Each month the app partners with a sponsored to support a different shelter or rescue.

Up next, Slobbr plans to unleash new features like pet-friendly car service that can be ordered directly through the app as it works to make sure man, and woman, never have to separate from their best friends.