Angela Bassett directs first movie 'Whitney'

She has directed her first movie, Whitney, set to air Saturday on Lifetime, about the life of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown.

"She was magnificent. Seven number ones (in four years.) He was red hot as well. They were like two planets that collided," said Bassett.

The movie will take viewers on the ride that was the couple's life from the beginning of their relationship.

"Anyone who knows Bobby comes away saying he is a nice guy. And she was not a weak-minded person. He's been vilified, but at 19, I don't think he was a puppet master. From both of their perspectives, to what they brought to the relationship, it was all about love and all the various pressures that tried to destroy that love," said Bassett.

The actress/director got to know Houston on set during the shooting of the 1995 hit movie, 'Waiting to Exhale.'

"She was no diva. She was an absolute professional. She was generous. She always came to work prepared. She loved her family," said Bassett.

'Whitney' airs Jan. 17 at 8 p.m. on Lifetime.